I haven’t been able to write anything the past year. I guess I was busy most of the time, or other times just uninspired to write. And then one night, I suddenly felt the urge to try voice recording. No, I didn’t mean singing. Voice blogging if you can call it that? Maybe I’ll share one here. Next time.


Saturday evening… at the mall… a not so old man playing the piano… the song… My heart skipped a beat… I was floating… 

It reminded me of that perfect love… It was forever… with that someone who is no one… 

Forever doesn’t exist here… while I am awake… 

My no one is someone… residing deep in my thoughts… and only in my dreams… 

where forever is a reality…
08 July 2017

8:30 pm

There is something about early mornings and a cup of hot cappuccino, accompanied by soft tones of the piano or violin playing in the background. It brings you back to that moment of youthful infatuation. No, not love… just deep admiration. 

Don’t stare. You’re making my cheeks warm. ­čÖé

Good morning, crazy world! 

You know Christmas is near when everyone seems to be extra nice, grateful, and #blessed… At least that’s what we see in social media… At least that is what everyone tries to show.

I am not happy… and I don’t want to join those people trying to pretend that they are. I don’t like to pretend…

Apologies for going back with an unpleasant post. I just had to let this feeling out.. And I wanted to get real- it is okay to be sad sometimes, right?

If your NOW is enough, what could possibly be the compelling reason for you to move? Is better always the case? When do you stop searching for better than best?

People would either procrastinate on what better things that lie ahead, or pursue the greatest as if it will never be achieved.

Usually there’s a strong force that drives a person to step out of his comfort zone and try to touch on the unthinkable. It could be a step closer to the dream or it could be a leap to oblivion.

written 18 May 2009, 10:27pm

 That time when you feel like disengaging from the world so you can try to reconnect with yourself.

That time when you feel like you lost yourself doing what you’ve always done.

Just like a farmer getting lost in the field, or the fisherman drowning in his own boat. 

I think I should take that long drive- where the sun peaks from the water and sets behind the rolling hills. 


I thank God for my eyes that I am able to witness Life’s beautiful miracles, just like the one I am watching right now… My baby touching her father’s face as she falls asleep. That moment you know that all your worries will be wiped away by those little hands. That moment you know that God is with you. That moment you know that you are loved.