In my opinion, the most disgusting insect in the world is the huge flying cockroach. I am scared of it in a way that I would probably die if it crawled in my arm or I’d accidentally step on it and the gooey white slime from its body would stick to my sole. I remember trying to jump to the sofa, run for dear life when I see it as if it can eat me alive. I would even call for help so someone else can do the shoo-ing and killing for me.

The reason I had to struggle through the details of that experience is that I had a pretty serious debate with my friend about fear (and got reminded of the way i treat cockroaches- so much how people treat fear). We so skillfully try to ellude from the one that gives us a fright and don’t realize that our life’s dreams and happiness are dragged farther away because of it. Imagine, I had to constantly look at the cockroach just to make sure where it is and where it is going. Killing isn’t an option because I find the little creature very dirty. Weird, I know. I once killed mosquitos with tissue in my hands, but that’s another story.

Finally realizing that what I’ve been doing since I can remember was just plain stupid, I tried to actually go after it and kill it. My heart was pounding so hard it felt like it was going to burst out but, I survived it! The dirty insect has been eliminated and I was actually more at peace knowing it isn’t there anymore. I could move on; continue what I was doing before I was abruptly interrupted.

Fear hinders your flight to reach for your dreams, it poisons your mind to prevent you from experiencing happiness, and it limits your inner growth. What to do? I say, KILL THE COCKROACH!

written 14 September 2009, 10:00pm