How many times have we actually eaten in a restaurant by ourselves? Alone in a for-two table without anyone to share a laugh, ideas, experiences or opinions with. The common answer would be “when there’s no other choice.”

Most people will say, “isn’t that pathetic? Eating alone?!” In some cases, it is actually a better choice. At least eating alone means you don’t have to try to be nice or to amuse the other person. You can focus your attention to the food you’re eating (and actually enjoy every bit of taste until you’ve finished it). You don’t have to worry about the conversation going wrong or the other person getting bored with your company. Sometimes it can be relaxing to do things you don’t usually do alone. Just to experience the difference. We’ve gone used to having someone around almost at all times. And the more we do this, the more we develop our dependency on that person. We suddenly have a feeling of emptiness in the absence of a companion. Out comes the people with separation anxiety even at a very mature age.

I cannot do this alone.

I need you.

I am worthless without you.

That’s just sad. Those statements may sound sweet at the beginning, but hearing them all the time is something else. The person will seem to be too clingy. It is even worse when you hear those words when something can only be done alone, by one person, without any help from anyone. I’m not saying you do everything alone. At least try to make time for yourself and try to be independent.  Little kids do not learn to stop when you tell them to. You let them run around, stumble, and THEN they stop.

Ahh… Shrimp Arrabiata. Yum!

written 27 May 2009, 7:27pm @Burgoo