Late in the afternoon, on my second cup of double espresso, I was trying to think of a catchy title for an event I am about to execute in a few weeks. My creative fedora wasn’t functioning well as I have been staring blankly at my computer screen. Maybe I needed to do something else first – mailbox clean up.


You know that feeling when you find an old treasure from a pile of junk? In teen expression, you’d probably go “OMG!” Well, I just had an OMG moment. I did not realize that I was actually able to save all my iPaq notes within Outlook. I found all of them! Little scribbles I made during meetings, a sketch of a gown, and letter notes! I’m sharing one to all of you – my readers.


A little background first. I had an office friend who celebrated her birthday and we weren’t really able to prepare anything special for her. So as a late birthday present, we gave her a bag of gifts. I think she was leaving for Camiguin that time so we bought stuff she can use there. To put icing on the cake, I wrote about what we gave her. So here it is.



A few reasons why God loves you.


He gave you:


A Hat. That will guide you in your decisions through His wisdom. For all things lifted up to Him will be brought back down to you as little blessings.


Sun shades. To remind you that the things that blind you can be seen clearly without hurting your eyes if you see them through His eyes. Minimizing what may hurt in understanding and accepting, without attempting to alter what is considered inevitable.


A Sunblock. To make you feel God’s embrace. That He will protect His most precious creation, which is You. And by believing in Him, no heat can stop you from walking towards the Gates of the Lord.


A Necklace. To remind you never to remove the bond you have with your family. Next to Him, they are the ones who will love you no matter what.




A Beach Bag. To carry all those essentials as you continue your journey in life.


You must be wondering about the Pink sheets? They are the many people surrounding you who will be with you in your journey. Like us! 🙂


written 19 June 2006, 10:17am


Just to explain, the pink sheets weren’t part of the gift. They were just shreds of pink paper that we stuffed the bag with to make it fluffy and nice. I was so much into detail that time so even that had an explanation. hehe