I guess for most of us, the most challenging part in this whole dream chasing is making the first step towards it. A lot of people are very good at conceptualizing plans and creating a roadmap for it. A simple 123 step on the How To’s is so easy to do. I mean, we’ve been following processes our entire life. How to write the ABC. How to connect to the internet. How to create a Facebook account. How to get to Dezato Cafe. People take time to create these steps for the benefit of first-timers and our part is just to follow them. How hard can that be? What more if we wrote the steps ourselves? Shouldn’t that be easier? I guess a part of us is afraid to try because the possibility of failing is present. Failure is greater when you don’t try. Who hasn’t failed at something anyway? We’re no different from other people who tried and failed. At least those who did won’t have regrets because they know at one point in their lives, they made an effort to make those dreams a reality.

I had a pleasure of seeing the people from the Surreality Workshop again earlier. It feels great to get updates from them about their dreams. So many great ones that were very inspiring… Some dreams even came to reality already! Its like they’ve installed NOS to their dream carrier and sped away.

For the first time in years, I was actually excited about my dream. In whatever little way, I can inch my way closer. What’s even amazing about it is that I met so many peope who can help and whom I can give help to. It is like my little star is trying to reach for the sky and along the way it gives light to people with its brightness.

written 24 March 2009