I feel like it is Valentine’s Day today. No, I did not have any romantic encounter today, I just watched a movie – Letters to Juliet. It is not the best romantic movie ever, but I did find it simply sweet. An old woman got reminded of a lost and abandoned love because a wannabe writer wrote back to her as Juliet!

I’ve always been fond of love that was lost and then found. And found after 50 years?! Must be that one great love! This is one of those moments I wish my life is a movie; A romantic movie. I will meet a very annoying person who despises me as well and then we’ll end up in love! haha I don’t mean a plot like that exactly. I just find it cute that opposite (sometimes) do attract.

The movie was still predictable though. Just when they were about to give up, love finds them. Typical ending of a love story. Maybe when my hopes are gone, I will be found? Let’s hope the Great Invisible has a more creative plan for me. Besides, I’ve always thought mine is a different story.

What If? – Never carry this in your heart.

written 23 June 2010, 8:07pm