I can only remember three dreams in detail. One very scary dream I had when I was little was set in my mom’s province. I was running for dear life trying to outrun the ghosts and zombies chasing me. Trying to interpret that now, I realize the kind of fear I had during that time; not of ghosts or zombies but a lot of realities of life. I was afraid of rejection, humiliation, failure and misjudgement. That’s the reason I was too quiet back then- I didn’t want to attract much attention.

In my teenage years, I once dreamt about a boy playing hide & seek with me and handsomely failing at it. I came to believe that the stranger is my future love. In one of my travels, I’ve actually seen him (or so I thought I have). That is something I cannot really confirm since he was a stranger in the crowd. Trying to make sense out of that dream I told myself that the boy in my dream must be my ideal first love.

The most recent would be the most mature I’ve had in a long time. If it was a reminder of a previous life’s love, then I won’t think twice to want to experience that again. Beautiful love I must say. The dream crossed over in a way that it woke me up. The voice from the dream awakened me. Oh I would love to be in the same dream again, with the person I was with…

written 30 September 2009, 9:47pm