For some reason, ‘Good Morning!’ didn’t seem appropriate when I started the day. I overslept, which should be okay, but I didn’t feel good. Am I going to be sick soon? I hope not. I think this is more of what I’ve been noticing lately that made my day today rather depressing. You know that feeling when everything around doesn’t seem to be on the positive light? People would have this so-called “low times,” which I understand completely. This could be one of those days, I told myself. But I must say, this could be one of the lowest. I found myself nearly in tears as I was driving to work.

It could come as a surprise to most people that I am in this state. Myles and  sadness?! They don’t mix. But hey, I am a regular human being able to feel. Nevermind what made my tear ducts suddenly want to let tears drain from my eyes earlier. It should be okay by now.

What’s great about my life though is that God speaks to me in so many, many ways. Perfect example was this morning when I was in the middle of my somberness. I was contemplating on how I ended up feeling sad that things aren’t going so well as if I’ve been abandoned by good grace. I was even asking myself and God, I don’t know what happened but how come I feel weak? I have always thought I was strong. Have I forgotten something about life that I became this fragile?  Just then, this crazy PUV/FX cut in front of me, close enough to ruin my day even more. And just when I was about to hate that stupid FX, I saw the sticker at the back door of the vehicle. It read “The Lord is my partner.” Again, I almost felt tears welling up. Indeed He is… In all things, in every journey. It took a while for me to absorb that. I still wrote this when I got to work which means I haven’t really changed my mood yet. But God loves me, as I would always say this. I repeatedly reminded myself of the message on that sticker I saw.  I am and will never be alone.  When you think about it, in one way or another, angels do walk the earth. Through friends, family, events, and experiences. What other proof do we need from God to know of His love? Just look around, the answer is everywhere. We just need to look closely.

Posted 25 June 2008 11:05 AM