What comes after moving on? Staying farther away?

When a relationship (or pseudo-relationship) ends, each person has to go through the stage we call “moving on.” The pictures of the used-to-be couple is removed from every possible place, the name on the phonebook is changed, and the gifts & letters are kept in a box… putting a blanket over the fond memories that need to be erased or at least be forgotten. This is how we try to move on.

When we finally do, what happens next? Do we stay as far away from the other as possible? When is it far enough? What if that person reaches out again? Do you remove the blanket of the forgotten?

I have moved on (or so I think I have), and we’ve agreed to remain friends. But, it is rather difficult staying firm with the decision that there already exist a line that can no longer be crossed. What could a simple hug do, right? Still, I refused. I cannot risk falling again because I know for sure he won’t catch me.

Staying farther away… That shouldn’t be the case. Stay far enough to remember, but not too close to forget… There is a thick yellow line of reality, neither of us should cross.

written 03 April 2009, 6:37pm