A couple of months back, I’ve shared in this site how fascinated I am with Lea Salonga’s voice which, surprisingly, I haven’t heard live. And that if I do hear and see her sing on stage, it could be one of those tears of utmost happiness I’ll ever experience. Well… My… Goodness… that day.. Oh, that day came alright! And as predicted, I did cry. hahaha For a while I felt like I was dreaming. Reality suddenly didn’t hit as hard. The experience I was having, so far, was the highlight of my year. I’ve been in so much stress lately that being in that place, seeing her in person, hearing her voice just wiped it all clean. For the first time in years, I didn’t really care about how tired I would always feel, how boring life could sometimes be, and how lonely I sometimes get. That night, that very moment, I was relaxed and having a really, really great time.

It was funny when me and my friend Charo bought tickets for that concert. Oh, by the way, I haven’t really mentioned about the concert details, haven’t I? hehe I apologize. My mind is flooding with thoughts of how I was feeling then that I forgot, you weren’t there with me to actually know what I’m talking about. :p So before I forget (again), the concert details…  It was Lea’s 30th year anniversary concert in PICC entitled ”Lea, My Life… On Stage” If you pass by EDSA, you probably have seen the billboard by the Magallanes flyover, just above the C5 exit of SLEX (tama ba yung directions ko? Hehe). So the concert was last May 23 and May 24. I watched on the 23rd which is a Friday and actually ditched an event for the concert. Hehe So there…

Going back to that buying-the-ticket funny. It took us (me and Cha) weeks of attempting to get tickets for the concert. For a time it felt like the world was playing tricks on us. Whenever we try to buy, either the shop has already discontinued selling tickets for Ticketworld or we were asking the wrong shop… Or we arrived a little after 7pm and the counter is closed already. Great luck! One last attempt, we got to the counter a few minutes before 7pm. The other lady said the Ticketworld lady has left already!!! Crappy luck… I could barely feel my legs because of that brisk walking around Glorietta just to reach there on time and then we’ll find out the lady left already?! Yes, really crappy. But, God loves me… I know He does. We stayed in front of the counter for a few minutes just to rest, and with Achilles’ winged foot (isa lang.. :p), the Ticketworld lady came back!! But that wasn’t the funny part… After we finally got the tickets, my friend and I went to get something to eat. The moment we left the ticket counter, I suddenly lost control over my lips. It just wouldn’t stop smiling. Evidently, I was extra extra happy.  Charo even took pictures of me for “future reference.” Ewan, I look funny nga that time!

This blog is getting too long, and it is becoming a bore for some people. hehe Bottomline, I’ve watched many concerts in my life. The ones I really would look forward to. But this one claimed the top spot. My Life, mesmerize by Carmen’s voice, has never stopped playing beautiful melodies in my heart. My heart wouldn’t have felt warmer if not for the music played in my life. And my song? Well, just like what little Ms Lea Salonga would sing… “And though the skies are gray, we’ll still be smiling yet. Cause in our eyes there’s no teardrops. In our hearts there’s no pain.  We’ve got love as an umbrella from the rain.”

On the pipe… Can We Just Stop And Talk Awhile (Live) with intro from “A Whole New World” and ya-dee-ya-da’s of Lea

Posted on 29 May 2008 1:38 PM