I keep thinking, why has love been made so beautiful it confuses all that gets hit by it? The one most important in this life, the answer to all the questions, the means and end of all, is that of which we still have yet to understand. I have experienced love; the great one that no one can seem to compare, the fleeting feeling that was just good while it lasted, and the one that wasn’t meant to be spoken of. There could be so much to say about the experience, the feeling, the object. But how do you define it, really?

It is the sum of all feelings. The reason it is often misconstrued for another feeling. The reason it is often thought of as an excuse. The reason for people’s happiness and distress. Love is everything. And we probably couldn’t understand it because we’re not ready for everything. We could only take the good ones of love; the warmth it brings, the inspiration it gives, the simplest of delight. Or maybe because Love is just that… a “feeling” not meant to be understood, only to be felt freely. It is not meant to be a prize for a job well done, but as a gift for no occasion other than the celebration of that one thing that we’ve always had. The one we try to look for without realizing that it has always been with us. From the moment we started breathing life, love came to existence within us. It’s pretty hard to accept, but when we were born, that was all we had. Strangely, as we grow old we tend to forget about it and try looking for love as if we lost it. We just need reminding, and probably one of our mission in life is to remind each other that it is there… deep in our souls.

I think, again I try, but with no success in defining that four letter word. Something tells me, though, that it really doesn’t matter. Enjoy the feeling. And when somebody asks.. ‘What is Love?’ I think answering it with, ‘Oh, I don’t know! It’s that tingling feeling inside, the heart-skipping-a-beat experience, that nice glow people notice on you, and that funny smile you can’t seem to erase’ would suffice. 

I hope you weren’t expecting I know the answer when you started reading this, because I don’t. This is just me, part of the circle that love confuses at times, thinking out loud and was recently reminded.

Posted 12 June 2008, 12:08am