What is it like to be the other? The shadow that claims to exist soley because of a new love found; came in too late, but was still accommodated. How does it feel to love someone who couldn’t give much of himself? Not that he didn’t have enough time but because there are other people owning much of his life. Whatever time spared are still borrowed. Is it possible to be with this other person without breaking a circle bound by their then-love and by God? Not in any way intend to hurt, but it is by breaking the circle can happiness of one be achieved.

Why do others settle for less? I know one person who has been the other for more than 9 years already and as I can see it, her life ain’t easy at all. 

Is it a stupid choice of the loving other or a selfish decision of the loved?  I had to constantly try and calm myself whenever I see my friend crying. I didn’t have to ask, it is always for the same reason. It is depressing whenever it happens because I know I couldn’t do anything but to just be there for her. I’ve tried and tried to talk to her about ending it but I will always get the same answer from her…

“I can’t.”

Some things are really beyond our understanding. It may not be what she wants right now but I really hope her heart gets tired soon. She deserves more than what she is settling for. The guy is just not worth the tears.

Oh dear Lord, I know you know best. Please help her have a peaceful heart.

written 14 April 2009, 8:29pm