We were sitting on a white leather sofa, with huge black throw pillows.  He was at one end, resting his back on two pillows, slouching, his feet on the ground.  I was right next to him, occupying most of the space, leaning on two other huge pillows, with feet resting on the armrest at the other end.  I could see the pristine white walls and the glass window revealing the magnificence of the sun. 


There was sweet silence.  Neither of us was talking.  I was just lying on my back looking at the brightness of the sun and everything else that the light is touching, with much appreciation.  He, on the other hand, was gently running his fingers through my hair, as if combing it.  I could not see him from an angle but he was probably looking out the glass window; perhaps he was watching me.  But whatever he was doing, I could hear his every heartbeat.


For a while, we were just like that.  In meaningful silence.  Until I felt something just near my hairline.  He kissed me gently on my forehead.  I was shocked but was not able to move.  I gazed up to see his face and gave him that puzzled surprised look.  In return, he simply stared back, with that familiar coy smile.  And for some reason, i just gazed back through that glass window.  Still in silence.  Trying to understand the essence of the circumstance.  And then, again, he kissed me on my head. This time I knew it was not the sun he was watching… It was me.  Still in deafening silence.


At last, he kissed me softly on my right cheek, just by my ear, and broke the silence as he whispered, “I’ll kiss you until you fall in love with me.”


Then it ended.  As I wake up from that deep slumber, i realized, It was a dream.  So sweet it felt so real. 


Tonight, when I close my eyes again to sleep, I could feel that that dream will somehow continue.  Perhaps he would tell me how much he loves me a million times.  Or maybe he would tell me only once.  But I imagine that he would still be sitting right beside me in complete silence, not minding staying there.  Forever.


In the meantime, while I wait for night time to arrive, I smile.  Thankful for his love.


Posted on 23 September 2008 10:53 AM