I’m back! A couple of good news can really change a person’s mood.

I haven’t had a good reason to smile since I can remember which, is not a good sign at all. I used to be so bubbly everyday faced with any sort of situation. My mood doesn’t easily get cramped up by negative vibes of other people (until this year started).

One great news I received yesterday wasn’t really for me. I just learned that a dear friend of mine found love after over five years! I guess seeing my friends happy makes me happy even if there’s not much change or improvement in my life. But well… I am looking forward to more wonderful days. And hopefully, soon, it will be my turn. Happier than now, bubblier than ever. 😀

Oh, and I’m going to Cebu with highschool friends (and my little sister) this weekend!

Life is not good, Life is GREAT!

written 29 April 2010, 09:59am