I should’ve put my alarm earlier than 6 a.m. The wind is not so cool anymore and the sun is angry already. But, I couldn’t complain when I got here. This is where I wanted to be. Having the white-painted wooden bench all to myself. The serene view right in front of me. The gentle breeze blowing kisses to my roasting cheeks.

I wish the guy in the restaurant nearby didn’t turn on the CD player. I wanted to hear the music of the wind, the water from the hose as the morning cleaner washes the glass ceiling of the inn below. I wanted to hear God’s voice. I wanted to feel His presence in the calmness of the morning.

Nevertheless, I am where I wanted to be. A place where it is not so lonely. A place where silence is a great companion. No sadness nor heartaches. Just peace. I wish I could spend my early mornings here. A date with the Great Invisible.

written 14 August 2010, 9:17am