It is so hard not to be afraid, but it is the only way to be free.

I keep wondering, how many people have succeeded in trying to be fearless? I don’t know one person who is not afraid of anything. Even the greatest of minds have their own fears, even the bravest of all has this weakness. We know that that’s the only thing that keeps us from getting to where we want to be, having what we want to have, doing what we want to do. Still we are afraid. Why? Because we don’t want to experience failure, disappointment, rejection, defeat. Because we just want to experience success, happiness, acknowledgement, triumph. We have this crazy idea that the lesser discomfort we have to endure, the better. Who wants to be that poor fellow who just recently got laid off, became flat broke and lived alone, right? But you’d be surprised, he could be the happiest person despite all those misfortunes. And the richest, most famous and successful could be the saddest in spite of having everything. The irony…

Embrace your fears, take risks. Only then can you truly live.

 Posted 30 August 2007, 2:53 pm