A little girl was found seemingly lifeless on the sidewalk one morning. Two strangers came to her aid; a poor man who happened to be digging for leftovers from a garbage can nearby, and a very affluent businessman who happened to drive by the area. They both brought her to the hospital to get help and thankfully she just fainted due to extreme hunger. It turns out, she is homeless with nothing and with noone. Moved by the little girl’s misfortune, and being these kind-hearted people, the two men brought her to a home for street children and made their own donations mainly to support the little girl. The poor man having less to give just offered whatever was in his pocket- P2.75. The businessman wrote a cheque amounting to P500,000.00. Suddenly remembering an important meeting, the generous businessman kissed the little girl gently on the forehead and then left. The poor man, on the other hand, having nowhere to go stayed with her and cared for her.

Who do you think gave more?

I once said to a friend, “You know what real giving is? It is when you have nothing much to offer, yet you gave abundantly.”

I always hear people apologize for what little help they extended to others as if it made little difference. I am guilty of this too… But honestly, you shouldn’t apologize when giving. The amount of money isn’t always a good measurement of how much you gave. It is more of the amount of heart that came with it. What is P500,000.00 compared with P2.75 and a father’s loving time? Jesus didn’t come from a rich family and he was never king in his adult life. But, during His time, He was the richest. How He spent His life is a perfect example of having less, yet being able to share much of His blessings to everyone. His heart was filled with love, and that was all He ever needed to help others. He was king to the poor, to the sick, to the troubled, to the confused, to the deprived, to the lonely, to the sinners. He was (and still is) king to all of us.

Fill your heart with His love, that is all you need.

Have a Blessed Christmas!