From Sunday’s homily, I intently listened to the priest’s story about two hearts; one perfectly shaped heart without any visible flaws and another with ripped parts and uneven surface. From my inbox today, I viewed a presentation about two pots; one perfect pot that can hold water up to the rim and another with a crack that lets out drops of water everytime it is filled and ends up half full (or half empty).

Both stories pointed out that the imperfection is what makes them beautiful and special. The heart with ripped parts and uneven surface has shared so much to others, and in that act of giving, it receives a part of others in return. The impact of this exchange gives greater meaning to the life of each and the flesh given is a reminder of it. Every scar has a story and every story strikes deep in the heart of a person.

This is one of the few times when ugly IS beautiful.

What is your scar?

written 20 April 2009, 10:39pm