We get scared of a major change in our life because of its uncertainty and the pressure behind it. We are asked questions like, “What if it doesn’t work?” or “What if you’re wrong?” We are often stuck with those questions and not making the big leap bcause we don’t have a clear answer to those. We end up just thinking “What if?”

Any decisions we make- wrong for so many reasons or safe and right- I believe, is part of a whole picture painting of our supposed END. That quest towards the picture painting shouldn’t scare us. The END should motivate us to go through fire. Some would say “But nobody knows what that END is!” Of course not everyone is clairvoyant to see the future but, everyone could have faith in the Grand Plan, right?

Try and work yourself towards that dream. Stumble. Fall. Rise. Walk again. At the end of the day, that END we are so worried about is not so important anymore… Rather, it is the people we came across, the experiences we had, and the wisdom we gained. The END is just a tiny part of the sentence – the period. Did we really ever bother about periods? It just means the end of a single thought/sentence. After the period, you begin another sentence; another journey. Just like making that big leap. After jumping off a mountain and hitting the ground, you climb another. And then when you reach the top, you make another leap.

Why am I writing about this? Well, I’ve finally decided to resign, to leave my current company. I feel I’ve been staying on top of the mountain way too long already. It is time to jump. Honestly, it is difficult to leave because of the friends I made but, I couldn’t stay longer. I am ready for the next adventure. I’m starting a new sentence and hopefully, it will be (if not more) as profound as the sentence I ended with a period.

written 29 December 2010, 11:47am