Removing clutter from your mailbox can remind you of so many nice memories. I stumbled upon this email I forwarded to two of my colleagues. If I remember it correctly, this is a comment to one of my good friend’s blog posting about HAPPINESS. With a happy heart, I’d like to share it with all of you. 🙂

My take on how to be truly happy:
1.       Don’t let hatred reside in your heart. People are so different from each other that at one point in our lives, we meet someone whom we consider the worst person that ever lived. I can’t blame you, he/she could probably be. :p But what made him/her that kind of person, at least in your opinion, may have come from some experience he/she had in the past (could also be in the genes? but well, you don’t have to dig deep on the roots of evil now right?). You can curse, hate all you want but don’t let that be a part of you. Life is so beautiful to waste on hating. Experience it and then let go. People whom we despise could have taken a huge role in making us who we are- “Should-be” better and stronger. So why hate even more? Besides, life is actually giving us an opportunity every time; An opportunity to give love to hearts that have forgotten that special gift. 😉
2.       Remember that there will always be light in darkness. Not one person has ever crossed the finish line without any gloomy experiences to tell. Whatever it is that we have or will experience is part of the grand plan of God. Whatever tunnels we have to go through, we will still reach the same end which is light. Whenever something bad happens to us, we must always keep in mind that it will get better. And sometimes,  what we thought to be the saddest part of our life could lead to the happiest moment that we never expected.
3.       Find no answer to the question, “What will make me feel contented?”. So long as we have an answer to that, we cannot be truly happy. For most people, contentment is one of the major things they aim for to be happy. Goals that we strive so hard are challenges we give ourselves to be better. Start with being happy with “NOW” and not depend your happiness on what could come. We sometimes focus too much on what better things that lie ahead that we miss out on enjoying what we already have. Again, I say, things will get better. Love life and live it well.
4.       Smile. The simplest and easiest way to be truly happy is welcoming the day with a smile. Don’t expect other people to make you happy. It all starts from within. If you’ve decided that today is going to be a great day, then it will be, no matter the circumstance. You will cry, get furious, be humiliated, feel hurt, and whatever misery there is but, it is temporary and can be fixed… We call it a glitch. :p
posted August 2008