“If your boyfriend tells you he is not ready to get married yet, does that mean he doesn’t see himself growing old with you?”

That question started the love-talk over wine on a breezy Friday night under the stars. My college friend had an almost perfect relationship until her boyfriend told her he is not really thinking about settling down anytime soon. That statement ended it for her and they eventually decided to part ways. It was a difficult break up because they were both breaking up with the whole family as well. A sad closing that I don’t dare want to go through twice in a lifetime.

So for the rest of the night (and the bottle of red wine), we circled around that question. Several love histories were called to exist again through stories. Oh how silly love was during those times. And how many silly things we’ve done for love.

Is the best wine usually the oldest? Does the mixture of fine grapes make any difference? In the same sense, is the time spent together the perfect gauge of a great relationship? and does compatibility, a great mixture of personalities, make a whole lot of difference?

written 17 July 2010, 00:17