Visiting my second favorite bench… No lake, no volcano, just the rich green and brown hills. I arrived less than an hour before closing. A brief drizzle didn’t ruin the moment at all. It was very breezy.

I wanted to catch the sunset from here. We’ll see… I forgot what time the sunset will be.

I guess on a usual Saturday afternoon like this, people are everywhere. On most days, I can own this whole side of the place… and usually I would feel selfish about it. Not today. There are six friends having what I think is a pre-nup photo shoot. Lovely to be sitting at this corner bench, watching them secretly. But then I got caught… okay, fine I’ll watch! I am so tempted to help them get a nice angle. I am seeing one now- with the sun and the lamp post. Oh well, I think the photographers got it covered.

Oh… Almost sunset. I can see a lot of soft yellows slowly spreading in the sky. It is almost 6PM. I hope they get a nice sunset shot… the couple and friends, I mean.

This is where I sit. This is where I will sit everytime I’m here. My bench between the lamp post and a tree.

Oh by the way, on my way here I saw a lady in a nice long gown and a man with a nicely tailored suit… There’s a wedding this afternoon or it is finished already? Nice to have an intimate wedding here…

The sun is near the lining of the distant mountain…. and I am nearing the end of my visit here.

Now the entire place is all mine… People are starting to leave… I can hear the birds chirping. I can hear the speeding cars from the highway nearby. I can hear the wind as it blows my hair off my face. I can hear the piano being played from the church. Oh how lovely!

Almost sundown, almost time to go. It has been wonderful.

written 22 January 2011, 5:15pm