Day 1, 4:15 PM, Brussels Belgium

Europe! I never imagined I will be able to visit Europe this early in my life. God has a way of lifting my spirit and this is one of them. 🙂

First stop is Belgium. Chocolates!!!

My parents, sister and I decided to go th the city today since our tour will officially start tomorrow. They have this place called “The Grand Place,” where they have the weekend market, shops and restaurants. This place reminds me of the Byward Market in Ottawa- patios in every street, beautiful old buildings, and street performances. The best part of the adventure though was when we went to the chocolate house. It was heaven! Belgian chocolate is love… 😀

It is always fun walking around the streets of a foreign land. We took the Metro to get to the Grand Central Station where The Grand Place is. A lot of GRAND things to see, indeed! I must say, even if this is not an english speaking country, the people were still very accommodating. Too afraid to get lost, I would ask for directions and confirmations almost all the time. And in every attempt, I would always receive a smile and a great effort to help me out. Wonderful, wonderful people!

And yes, we bought boxes of chocolates! Wahoo! 😀