Day 3, 1:56 pm, Lucerne Switzerland

So we finally had the chance to meet up with our aunt and uncle (mom’s cousins) last night. We had a pretty good stroll around Lucerne. The shops were closed because it was Sunday so it seemed so peaceful and cold around. My auntie took us to this nice restaurant by the lake. It was raining so the wind was very cold. No worries! we were having cheese fondue and red wine! 😀 It was a lovely night (romantic if you’re with someone special).

Earlier, we went to the Lions with the whole group. The stone Lion that supposed to pay tribute to the Swiss Army who lost their lives during the war. We didn’t take the optional excursion so we went back to the shopping area of Lucerne to window shop. We spent most of our Swiss Francs on food and souvenirs. I bought myself a nail cutter. hehe

Now, we’re back on the coach on our way to Liechstenstein. The tour director said it is the smallest German-speaking country. Then on to Innsbruck in Austria to spend the night.

Okay, writing on the coach while it is moving can be a bit difficult. Dizzy… Stopping now… :p