Day 4, 7:58 am, Innsbruck, Austria

It was a long day yesterday. From Liechstenstein, we drove to the city square in Innsbruck to see the Golden Roof. The then-king would sit on the balcony with a golden roof to watch performances in luxury. Too tired and hungry, we just ate and went to the room of the nice hotel in Innsbruck.

Still writing on the coach. Dizzy. We’re leaving Austria now on our way to Venice, Italy!

(Julie Andrews in the background)

Time to sleep… foggy morning.


9:45pm, Venice, Italy

From the foggy mountains to the scenic view of the mountains of beautiful Italy. Four-hour drive from Austria to Venice. The tour director said it is going to be really hot when we reach Italy- upto 28° which is well, not so hot for a Filipino. It was warm, not hot. I was planning to wear a dress but immediately decided against it because the clumsy little me cannot stay “safe” and lady-like too long. Just getting off the Gondola for example. I almost fell overboard! Thanks to the wooden vertical barricades, I could’ve gone for an unexpected swim.

Venice is very beautiful. Minus the many tourists, it would’ve looked even more majestic than it already is. It is also very expensive there. Three Euros for a tiny souvenir?! Really expensive. But well, we were there for the view. And the best take away would be a very nice photo of the place. I took tons (including the handsome gondola guy my sister loved. hehe). Special thanks to my sister (and her D-SLR), I have pictures of myself there.

I couldn’t stop saying it. It is very beautiful. My mom kept eating gelatto while me and my sister took pictures. The gondola ride was amazing. A maestro singing for us… Amazing voice. Nice canals. Handsome gondola guy. Wonderful experience.

Go back, I must. Gondola, at night.


Oh and we ate fish for dinner which tasted more like Tilapia. The pasta was good though.