Day 5, 7:55 am, coach from Venice to Rome

Buon giorno! Sleep was very brief. We had dinner at 8:00 pm, finished around 9:00 pm and had to wake up at 5:00 am to prepare for the day.

Long day (drive) today. We’re headed for Rome now. Stopping by Assisi where St. Francis was born. Late this afternoon, we’ll tour the city of Rome. Fountains!


11:50 pm, Rome, Italy

Boy, did I have fun today or what? The Basilica in Assisi was incredibly beautiful (nothing like the Notre Dame in Montreal though). The arcs are hand-painted, dimly lit, and you would notice the majestic altar and prayer rooms. I didn’t take picture because (like in other Basilicas), it is prohibited.

It was wonderful being in the place where St. Francis was born. The place is in the mountains; serene and peaceful. It would be nice spending quiet moments there, talking to God and just admiring the work of art around. Great architecture.


Our tour director got a little irritated when we were about to leave Assisi. She was missing a few more tourists and it was time to leave already. She even mentioned how important time is today because traffic in Rome can be really bad. Particularly today because it is a national holiday. The missing ones arrived and off we went. Good thing there weren’t any traffic. We arrived on time at the hotel and was able to leave on time for the sight-seeing.

Amazing fountains! More beautiful than how Dan Brown described them in his book. I took tons of pictures and my sister too! Lovely stroll around the square with lots of old buildings and stone steps.

To end the sight-seeing, we had dinner in a nice restaurant, Italian of course. The food was so yummy and the food servers were so entertaining- from the way they put cheese in our pasta to the little surprises they prepared for us. A rose and a kiss of thanks from the funny waiter MARRCO! My dad even got both too! haha Marco had a blonde wig just for my dad! Hilarious!

Pasta, steak, gelatto and… UNLIMITED wine!

Great night, good night! 🙂