A healthy baby boy is worth the nine months of nurturing, keeping watch of the mother’s health, some sleepless nights, a lot of back pain, and an unending list of food cravings.

Your dream house is worth the money spent for the architect, the interior designer, the contractor, and numerous stressful hours of planning, supervising and scolding the people for underperforming.

I was having this continue the dream sequence funny with a good friend when it suddenly turned serious when I mentioned about heaven. He said he got reminded of what he is and where he belongs- in a cave away from those heavenly eyes. Feeling so unworthy because of the darkness he got so used to which, he is already able to slowly move out from (I think).

Who is unworthy of heaven? Sinners? Aren’t we all sinners? That means noone is worthy of heaven? I told my friend, “It is like saying you have no right to sit beside The Father.”

Why is it that when we get less of what we expected, we feel deprived; and when we get more than what we think we should be getting, we feel unworthy? I know, it is driving everyone nuts! But, trying to shed light to those people who think that way somehow excites my brain cells. I guess my appreciation for both having less and having more is the same. I don’t feel deprived nor unworthy; just plain grateful. Placed in the same situation as others, they would feel deprived and I will just feel God motivating me to do better; they would feel unworthy, and I will only get reminded of His abundant love. Of course, this is difficult to explain to people because they do not see what I see.

Hopefully, in the near future, more people will see beyond the packaging… All gifts from God doesn’t always come in a nice colorful wrapping and a bright red ribbon. Some are disguised in an awful looking paper bag. Don’t feel bad if you get the paper bag, I am absolutely sure you will find an awesome gift inside. God doesn’t give trash and I will guarantee you that it is the best. In the same sense, do not feel too shy (or too proud) when you are given a nicely wrapped gift. You are deserving, you are worthy merely because you are a child of God.

Please go ahead, open the gifts. You will love the surprises… I did. 🙂

written 07 January 2011, 2:43pm