Day 7, 10:00 am, coach to Florence

I didn’t get to write anything yesterday because I was exhausted after the long walk from the Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel, Coloseum, and the Palestinian walls (?). It was very tiring but regretful if I didn’t take that optional excursion.

The Sistine Chapel was just so beautiful, I thought I was going to cry yesterday. It would be nice lying on the floor and admiring the painted ceiling but… we weren’t allowed to do so. Plus, there were too many people around; nobody wants to be stepped on, right? I love the St. Peter’s Cathedral, so many huge and intricate sculptures scattered around. A painted ceiling isn’t something different in Italy, I noticed. Makes me want to have my room ceiling painted too! I love the sculptures in Rome especially the angel sculptures at the end of a bridge.

Another thing about this place is the history the city has tried to preserve. I am not a huge fan of history but being in Rome, you couldn’t help but imagine what it was like back then. How did they build those megastructures, the pillars, the huge sculptures without modern machinery? Amazing, admirably fascinating.

We’re on our way to Florence now- famous for the Italian leather. I should stop writing already… moving coach. 🙂