Day 8, 07:30am, Florence

Nothing much I could say about Florence. The tour guide was telling stories that I couldn’t follow. I just remembered him talking about Dante’s love story and that there are a lot of sculptures of naked men around. The biggest I’ve seen there was Neptune’s statue/fountain. (Okay, that doesn’t sound right).

The cathedral was huge. Mesmerizing from the outside, dim and calm inside. I particularly admire the enormous clock inside the church. The hands turning counter-clockwise, using roman numerals, and the ‘I’ placed at the bottom center. Nice… I want a watch like that!


In the evening, we ate with new friends in this Italian restaurant that the hotel concierge recommended. Then the parents left and the young ones went out for a few drinks. We only had one each because we spent so much time walking around looking for a place to hangout. Fun night, still. 🙂

Off to France now. Dropping by in Pisa and then spending the night in the French Riviera. Looong drive. Wonderful sunny day! And so I will try to catch on sleep. 🙂


5:55pm, Cannes, French Riviera

Finally arrived the hotel. As scheduled, we dropped by Pisa to see the famous leaning (bell) tower. Our tour director said it was believed that poor foundation on one side caused the bell tower to lean. Some say, though, that it was built to lean. Upto this day, several fixes are done regularly to keep it from leaning closer to the ground. The cathedral (separate from the bell tower) was equally beautiful.

It was very hot that time so we didn’t stay long. We went back to the coach headed for the famous perfume factory in Eze Village- Fragonard. I couldn’t stay firm on not buying anything there because I already had a scent preference. Quite difficult because I can only buy their perfume here in France. Their eau de toilette smelled really nice. Just how I want it. I got a perfume, though. E’toile… a very light scent, sweet as I want it, mild as I prefer it. So okay, I will only wear that perfume on special occasions. I’d like this as a present from anyone going to France (ehem! ehem!)

Before heading here, we passed by a ridge overlooking Monte Carlo in Monaco. Famous place for rich people. I did not choose the optional excursion going there so we’re staying here at the hotel.