I suddenly felt sentimental again as I wait for our technical support to fix my laptop. Standing in front of my desk- which probably might be the last time before I clear my things and officially leave- brought me to the not-too-distant past. Over eight years worth of memories… Man, that’s a l0t! “I should take a picture of this,” I told myself. I want to remember this through a picture and ink… This is the ink.

In my almost a decade here, my desk called so many corners “home”. Different role, different area. This (last) home is my favorite. Sitting here gives me a panoramic view of Manila… and the beautiful sunset, no less.

Back to my (cluttered) table.

Every start of the year, or new role, or everytime my laptop is being treated, I clean up my desk… sort out documents while getting the most number of paper cuts. What do I clean up now? Let me see…

1. I have my nephew’s Christmas picture. Oh, how he loved the camera when he was a baby! He grew up to be a snobbish little boy.

2. My magic 8-ball. I used to ask random questions about work and personal life and other people… hehe It was so much fun when I jokingly tell people, “depends sa sagot ng 8-ball,” when talking about major decisions at work.

3. My dream car. A friend gave it to me for “motivation” to do well… getting there. 🙂

4. Sticky notes from my angels. One tiny note from Faye on Valentine’s Day and one from Liz when she visited the office (and I was out). Both injecting about my lovelife!

5. My Cookie Monster holding all my colorful markers.

6. The framed acronym M.Y.L.E.S. – People Ignite’s birthday present. I love that group! 🙂

7. My pile of (junk) paper. I’m the type who doesn’t let go of used paper right away. The “might be important” is stuck in my head because “I might still need them.” More often than not, I actually don’t.

So this is it. I am leaving. Time to close the curtains. Thank you! It has been a crazy experience. I don’t regret any bit of it.

written 21 January 2011,
3:05 pm, office