You know how things get so predictable that even the most carefully kept secret/surprise becomes very easy to read? Well, that’s how I am on surprises… My friends hate me for having this “gift” – if you can call it that, because it throws the whole excitement out the window. Unfortunately, I am a huge spoiler because I will always find out about the surprise or I will get unintentional hints from people. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not sneaky in any way. I just couldn’t help but notice tiny differences on how people act, say things, breathe! It just happens!

But not today… ūüôā Let me tell you how it happened…

Saturday morning, I woke up way too early on a weekend. It was only 4:00am and I had all the time to get more sleep but, I just couldn’t go back to that deep slumber. Fine, I closed my eyes until it was half past seven. Still early. Food tasting in Tagaytay at 2:00pm. I have time. I went online, posted a few photos from last night’s event, started hawking at people’s posts, and then it was 11:00am already. I took a bath and went down just in time for my fiance’s arrival. It felt like a normal day. I had lunch with him and my mom and then headed to Tagaytay for the food tasting.

Since I ate a whole lot of monggo + fried tilapia + rice (who wouldn’t), I literally just had a few bites from the food tasting. Food was really, really good. The scrutiny of my coordinator was our main entertainment. hehe It turned out well; better than the first time. Food tasting – check!

It was a little after 4:00pm when we left Tagaytay and went straight to my fiance’s aunt in Alabang. Gosh, the first time I met her was 2 years ago. My fiance and I weren’t a couple yet. We promised to visit her again months after but we never did, until today- or so I thought.

We parked in front of the condominium and then¬†got out of the car. My fiance went to my side of the car usually to check if the doors are locked, but he didn’t. My clueless self told him, “the doors aren’t locked yet.” He said he will get something inside the car. Oh-kay…

Walking towards the back of the vehicle, I saw a familiar white car. I still didn’t notice anything odd until my fiance escorted me to that white car and said, “sakay na.” Confused, I just said “ha?” while walking towards the car. Okay, that’s my sister inside the car! but why?! She had something that my fiance asked her to bring for me? I still didn’t get it. haha

Inside the car, my sister’s only words were “bawal mag-tanong.” Such an obedient¬†sister, I didn’t ask. Well, only for the first 10 minutes. haha It wasn’t sinking in yet… It is my Bachelorette Party! I had so many question in my head while we were weaving through traffic. “What could this party be like?” “How long have they been planning this?”¬† “Are we going somewhere to see a lot of naked men?” “Are we staying overnight in a hotel or condo?” “Will there be strippers?!” Oh my gosh, will it be my fiance?!” haha

After a few more times asking the same questions in my head, I asked again, “so, saan tayo pupunta?” Makulit! We finally¬†reached our destination-¬†a small building in Aguirre with what appears to be a petshop at the ground floor. I didn’t get it, are we grooming some dogs as an activity? Clueless. My sister turned off the engine and then told me to bring my water bottle before getting out of the car (water bottle?!). Then, she asked me to help her with the bags in the trunk. Apparently, she brought clothes and my… running gear? Interesting…¬†A workout party. ūüôā

There is only one thing I wasn’t so surprised about- the people there at the gym. Without even trying to guess, I knew from the¬†very core of¬†my heart that they are the same people I will spend important events of my life with- they are my inner circle. It was funny because they said I wasn’t looking so surprised. I was, during the white car incident…hehe I was just plain confused and happy they pulled it off perfectly. I was going to cry, I think, but I tried to contain it (sorry guys… but I am suffering the consequence now. My¬†headache isn’t going away. hehe). It was a lovely feeling, and the best idea for an activity… You guys were reading my mind! ZUMBA it is!!! ūüėÄ

That was one tiring activity… and I loved it! Although I was pretty certain that my photos will ¬†look awful with my¬†face all red (more like black) and sweating like crazy, I didn’t care. It was fun. And the night didn’t end there… not yet. Dinner was at… a KTV place! hahaha Oh, these people know me very well. Starving after Zumba, no words were uttered in the first few minutes after the food arrived. :p

Singing time after dinner… Oh wait, they made me wear a veil! Tradition… But¬†that made me¬†a bit scared because it suddenly crossed my mind… Male dancer? No!!! haha Breathe… there was none. ūüôā¬†Instead, we played the Pinoy Henyo¬†between songs. It was hilarious!

The night was almost over but as always, it was difficult to part. A quick stop at Starbucks was necessary (I know, zumba – eat – sing – coffee isn’t ideal but, but… I don’t have an excuse. hehe)

This is getting very looong already, so I will end here. Before my¬†body sleeps¬†on its own, I just want to say this…

God sends out blessings to all His children; sending them like water coming out from sprinklers¬†in the sky… With the love that I am receiving right now, It feels like I am under one strong sprinkler. I am soaked. And I am most grateful.

Again, thank you. My eyes are filled with tears. but they are all pleasant.