Day 11, 12:00mn, Paris

From Lyon area we drove to Beaune- famous for wines and the old hospital. Shops are closed on Mondays so there weren’t much to see around the city square. Took a few photos around and left for Paris.


Paris early afternoon. Before heading to the hotel, we stopped at The Louvre for the optional excursion. It was quite dissappointing because the local tour guide did not show up, so Stef (our tour director) cancelled it. 😦 To kill time, we just went out of Louvre and went to the garden nearby to take photos. After tiring ourselves under the sun, we went across the street to “window shop”. I almost cried in one shop that we went to because of the shoes! Out I went… I can’t spend too much on shoes, I told myself. I bought a couple of Eiffel Towers as pasalubong instead. We spent an hour and a half roaming around and then we headed back to Louvre to meet up with Enzo (our driver).


As consolation, my dad decided that we watch the cabaret show at… LIDO! Situated along Champs Elysees, famous hall for the cabaret show. GREAT show! 🙂 But I’d still would like to do the Louvre. I hope we still have time. The Eiffel Tower wasn’t too impressive, Stef was right. It looks like a huge metal work. But hey, it is famous so we’ll go there tomorrow.


Well now, Paris before heading back home. Lovely vacation!

Tomorrow, we go to Versailles!

Good night, Paris! 🙂