Versailles1Day 13, 10:05am, Charles de Gaulle, France

I’m at the airport, waiting to board for Amsterdam. It was quite a rush, the Europe tour has ended the other day. That’s two weeks already!

Notre Dame

Paris is beautiful but can be a bit over-rated (or I’ve seen too much of similar gothic architecture across Europe… maybe). But let me tell you about the places we went to in Paris. They were amazing!

The castle and the gardens of Versailles were breathtaking! The huge castle with themed rooms named after different gods, the glass hall where they would hold gatherings were so rich with paintings, gold and expensive furniture. A lot of stories also of the people who used to live here. The gardens were about 7,000 acres. Sculptures and fountains accentuated all the many gardens. It was a sunny afternoon when we went there so the tour around was perfect!

To officially end the tour, we joined the farewell dinner. Food was okay, wine was the best! Unlimited wine and cheese… Couldn’t end it any way perfectly. 🙂

Notre Dame Garden

Since yesterday was a free day, we went back to the city center for Louvre. Finally! The painting of Monalisa was really small and too many people were crowding in front to take a photo. But the visit was nice. I particularly like the sculptures. It was raining outside so we didn’t get to have a picture taken beisde the glass pyramid. But well, it was all good. Tiring but worth the long walk. I hope to come back here, though… I’d like to see the Eiffel Tower at night.