I grew up enjoying being a kid. The sun, the dirt, the mud doesn’t seem to bother me. I would run around the street, make gumamela bubbles and eat with my dirty hands after.

I am amazed by kids right now- they are too clean. That’s great! During my time, the kids I know that are like that came from a rich family. They have their yaya chasing after them while they sprint to every corner of their air-conditioned mansion, trained not to touch unknown life forms or any inanimate dirty object outside the heavily disinfected house. Now, an average kid like my nephew is (almost) like that.

At the dinner table for example. After finishing his food, my mom offered him melon for dessert. I was unprepared when he suddenly stood up, went to the kitchen, and reached for the drawers of silverware to get a new clean fork! He does that?! And don’t dare put the melons on the plate where he ate his fried chicken. Oh no, auntie. I am surprised because he is too lazy to pick up his toys after playing or dressing himself up. He couldn’t stand a used fork to eat dessert so his lazy self actually moves to get a clean one. Now, you know he really likes it. Otherwise, he would’ve said ‘no’ when my mom offered.

Reminds me a lot of how grown ups are. Laziness won’t win over what we really want. 😉

…And more of his cute oddness:

He doesn’t share his glass with anyone.

While playing basketball, he would run to his mom so she can wipe his sweat.

After crawling on top of his sticker-filled table, he notices a sticky one on his knee. He will remove it using less fingers as possible and with disgust on his face.

He won’t go outside the house in his pajamas- not even outside their room actually.