Woke up at 4:15 am… Snoozed… Got up 5am… Chef not here yet to make breakfast so coffee with Buble music first… A quick chat with Lolo Nio and Lola Lilia from Canada… Seems like a very light day… I like it.

For some reason, the old mansion, which was recently converted into a Bed & Breakfast, felt like home.

The lobby is deserted. The huge sofa empty. It is still dark outside. The piped-in Buble music, I thought, is perfect for a morning coffee in front of the wide glass framing a spectacular view that is about to reveal itself to me… as the majestic sun peaks. The moment reminds me of one dream I had. It was perfectly romantic.

Sunrise is beautiful! My very first time to actually watch the break of dawn… an unexpected first on a very important day in my life.

Thank you, my dear Lord. It is with great joy that you join me this morning. I am about to seal a deal today- a deal that will forever change my life. I remember having this conversation with you every time I go to this place, sitting on that white bench, with just the wind, the sun and your silence. It is such a beautiful morning. It is such a great feeling that my whole family is here. Thank you for this blessing. I am undeserving at times, but you still lovingly bless me. Thank you, my dear Lord. I’ll see you later at church!

30 June 2013, 5:30am
house on a cliff