I appreciate technology because in the absence of a pen and paper, I am able to use OneNote from my phone to record my thoughts. I am also able to easily upload the notes to my blog. What I don’t like is its lack of character, lack of soul.

I miss the smudged ink on my ring finger after writing. I miss scanning the pages of my little black book with my legible, and sometimes not so legible, handwriting. I just realized this when I wanted to cheer up a little girl and the only way I could was to lend my colored pens and let her write on my black book. While she was writing me notes, I remembered the many times I would spend alone time just scribbling. Me and my thoughts… it would either take me to the past or bring me to the hoped future.

And then another idea hit me…

I used to keep my black book to myself, letting a few chosen people read some of my entries. The book was very personal, I thought. Letting others read my unedited thoughts will expose me to misinterpretation that can lead to wrong judgment. With that in mind, I was extremely careful who I invite to my world, in my written words. Yes, I do not post everything that I write and I edit some so they can be “reader friendly.”

Going back to the idea: Wouldn’t it be nice to let others share their thoughts by writing on my little black book?

written 29 August 2013