Hello, old friend.

How have you been? Its been quite awhile since we last saw each other. Things have been different but I feel a bit the same. I’ve missed you. I would repeatedly try to recall the first time we dated- It was awkward (in a funny way). I never expected it to flourish into something deeper. You were just so playful!

I remember the first time you tried to kiss me. I refused. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel angry- maybe because I wanted to kiss you back. I held back several times but I knew it will only be a matter of time before the inevitable happens. I didn’t want to give in because I knew that the moment I do, I will be opening myself up to that thing I’m afraid of – falling crazily in love. But… the more I see you, the weaker my defenses get… The more I try NOT to see you, the harder it gets for me not to think about you.

One day, while we were walking back to the car, I suddenly realized that there’s no escape. “What’s the point of prolonging this feeling?” I told myself. Inside the car, I invited you to come closer. Sensing that it might be a signal, you tried to kiss me. I quickly turned away… I was afraid, to be completely honest. I remember how you gently held my face while pulling me closer. And then it happened… Our first kiss. Then I knew, I have fallen for you.

Those were great memories. I just wanted to write to you about it.

Goodbye, old friend. My heart found its home, and it never left.

– Anonymous heart

written 2013, 6:24pm